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Showrunner/Executive Producer of China Uncensored and America Uncovered

Updated March 9, 2023



Full-time Showrunner and Executive Producer for two shows:

China Uncensored (1.9M YouTube subscribers) (4 episodes per week)

America Uncovered (500K YouTube subscribers) (3-4 episodes per week)


You will join our small, scrappy team that’s flexible, independent, irreverent towards authority, and not funded by any large corporation, TV network, or major donor. We don’t have tons of money, but we can say what we want.


China Uncensored is our flagship show, started in 2012 by host Chris Chappell. It is a news entertainment show (think “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”) with 10-minute videos that help viewers understand and get interested in China. Target audience is college educated English-speaking Americans aged 18-35.


America Uncovered is similar in style and target audience to China Uncensored. It is focused on US politics, social issues, and more. We use humor to “punch up” at people in power, as well as help viewers understand what’s really going on; we don’t punch down at average people. We are opposed to authoritarianism and large-scale socialism, while being nonpartisan when it comes to political parties and elected officials.


You are applying to be showrunner and executive producer for both of these shows.


Your job may be expanded to include more shows in the future, depending on your interest and time availability.


The shows are primarily on YouTube, with a small presence on other digital platforms.


All shows are created and produced by America Uncovered LLC, a company registered in New York.



• Understand what our audiences want and need from our shows, and deliver it

• Put your own creative ideas into the shows—ideally expanding above and beyond what’s been done before

• Select which episodes to run each day

• Write a minimum of one episode per week (scripts should be 8-10 pages)

• Supervise writers to write the other episodes

• Review and edit all scripts for clarity, accuracy, and interest

• Supervise video editors

• Review videos to ensure quality and give any changes to video editor

• Manage staff and their work, giving feedback and support

• Ensure sponsorships are recorded on time and get approved by clients



• Be a self-starter, willing to take charge of shows

• Understand YouTube’s algorithms and how to maximize audience reach

• Have 3+ years experience as a journalist for television or digital video

• Have 1+ year experience as a producer, editor, or other management role in media

• Have a solid understanding of China

• Have a solid understanding of US social/political issues

• Be available for flexible hours when necessary 

• Be positive and hopeful about our shows and the world

• Be willing to treat the news in an even-handed, objective way without being colored by your own political views. We aim to be truly nonpartisan.

• Must be US citizen/green card holder



• Be in the New York City area, and willing to commute to the studio 1-2 days per week. (Studio is in the Hudson Valley)

• Other days you can work from home—on the condition you do not have any other paid work



• Negotiable - comparable to industry salary


How to Apply

• Email your cover letter and resume to

• Use email subject line “Showrunner Job Application”

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