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November 24th, 2020


MASSIVE Voter Fraud Conspiracy? The Giuliani Press Conference

Donald Trump won the US election in a landslide? Democrats were involved in a massive conspiracy to commit voter fraud to make sure Joe Biden won the presidential election? The Trump legal team claims they have evidence of voter fraud that will prove this. Last week, a Rudy Giuliani Press Conference laid some his team's voter fraud evidence, including sworn witness testimony, while 'release the kraken' Sidney Powell said she has evidence that Dominion Voting machines have ties to Smartmatic, Cuba, Venezuela, George Soros, and China, and was used to rig the election. And while the media focused on Giuliani and his hair dye, or his references to My Cousin Vinny, is there more to their claims? And will the Trump lawsuits get to the Supreme Court. Find out on this episode of America Uncovered!


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